Turkey Trotting


Another missed day! Yesterday Jonathan and I ran a 5k in Cleveland. It was cold! But fun. And so nice to stretch my legs post-half marathon.

#100happydays #day45

Farmer’s Market Finds


Forgot another day’s post! Yesterday Jonathan bought a giant bag of food from Chestnut Hill’s farmer’s market, then made baked sweet potatoes with dill hummus and roasted chick peas! What a guy.

#100happydays #day40

Half Marathon Morning


How could I forget to post yesterday? Oh, right, I ran a half marathon and then ate and slept my way through the rest of the day.

I’m especially thankful for my running partner and my favorite cheerleaders. 🙂




#100happydays #day39

Brotherly Run


And sisterly endurance! Clever, Philly Marathon. So looking forward to a run run with my sister-friend who’s gotten me through two full marathons. We’ve earned a fun half!

#100happydays #day37