Day 100


Wahooooo! I did it! Mission complete!

For my final photo, I thought it’d be nice to have a little family candid. It turns out the cats hate selfies. Like, really hate.

So did I learn anything in my 100 days? Yes, that I take too many photos of my cats. Other meditations will be forthcoming.

Am I glad I took a photo for 100 days and forced myself to think of something nice to say even when I didn’t want to? Yes. Again, other meditations forthcoming.

Will I continue to upload a photo a day to an imaginary audience? Probably not. I’ll most likely go back to my regular journal (that sad, handwritten book…).

But it’s been fun. Cross your fingers for lots of snow tomorrow, but I’ll definitely take a photo of that. 😉

#100happydays #day100

Sly Fox


I put a dozen paper foxes around the apartment as birthday decorations and now I’ve realized I’m going to be finding them for days… No matter, they’re cute. 🙂

#100happydays #day99

I’m Here


So, so thankful for friends who will bring nachos and brownies and guacamole and wine to margarita night and spend hours talking about nothing and everything. Thankful for friends who share their goals and accomplishments and disappointments and honest truths. Thankful.

#100happydays #day98



Happy birthday to meee! These are my birthday bangles – Jonathan gave me the “cheers” and the stone (which is so, so neat) and my parents gave me the compass. It’s nice to be known so well.

#100happydays #day97

Running Cat


Whiskey spent the evening playing with an old race bib that he pulled out from under the arm chair. (Apparently I need to clean more often.) I guess he wants to run a 5k too. 🙂

Please note: he has dozens of cat toys but he chooses to play with anything else he can find.

#100happydays #day92



From Jonathan, as a reminder for when I’m overwhelmed with things that have to be done before we go to London. From Jonathan, my best friend and partner in adventure.

#100happydays #day91