I Couldn’t Find Pumpkin at Sainsbury’s

We celebrated Thanksgiving two days early because we’re flying to Oslo on actual Thanksgiving day, so post-turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes I’m still thinking about what I’m thankful for. In a year of change, there’s certainly a lot. (Warning: it’s about to get cheesy over here.)

1. Jonathan. I’m so thankful for my best friend who encouraged me to apply to schools out of the country and was excited for to move abroad. I literally wouldn’t be here without him.

2. My parents and my brother, who helped us move out of our apartment and let us live with them for the summer so we could take on this adventure. And for their texts and emails and Skypes to remind me that I’m not so far away.

3. My friends, who Facetime us into Halloween parties and send photos of their cats so we don’t feel like we’re missing everything. For wanting to be pen-pals and letter-writers.

4. This might be lame, but technology. I feel like I’m finally getting over being homesick and I wouldn’t have made it this far without being able to call, text, email, Skype, Facetime, Bitmoji (obviously the most important one).

5. The privilege of being able to move abroad to go to school, to travel while we’re here, to make friends from other continents, to invite our family and friends to visit us. I don’t take that privilege and all that comes with it for granted.

6. Dark chocolate Digestives. Because they taste so delicious, especially when dunked in tea.

(You didn’t see that last one coming, did you?)



One thought on “I Couldn’t Find Pumpkin at Sainsbury’s

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hello Kitten,

    I came to your blog as a means to procrastinate the next great [un]american novel. Just want to say, you’re amazing, I’m SO proud of you, and I’m thankful for YOU.



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