Biryani for the Table

This past week we had our first guests! Courtney and Brad came to stay for just under a week and we did everything we could possibly fit into six days.

So. Just a few of those things.

1. Local pubs: Our neighborhood has loads of pubs (hello London), and we spent [a good amount] of time at two of them this week. On Courtney and Brad’s first night in London we listened to a fantastic folk band while drinking locally brewed pints and making friends (friends! what are those?). A few nights later, we found ourselves at the pub across the street, listening to a 17 piece jazz band while drinking mulled wine (and more of those locally brewed pints for Brad). Live music and good beer – I’m beginning to see how Londoners can do this every night.

2. HARRY POTTER WALKING TOUR: Oops, caps lock must have been stuck on. 😉 Courtney is a huge HP fan like Jonathan and me (and Brad just likes to yell things like, “Isn’t Draco the hero of this story?”). Basically we walked around London with a tour guide and a dozen other people who also love Alan Rickman impressions and hate Umbridge more than Voldemort. And yes, most of the people on the tour were our age.

3. Southbank Winter Market: This is a lovely Christmas market with lots of food stalls and shops but more importantly I finally got to have Mexican food. It’s been a long three months without you, real guacamole. *tears of joy*

4. Borough Market: On the topic of food, you can eat your way through Borough Market and be so full you don’t even need to get lunch afterward (though you probably still should because there’s also a Wagamama down the street). Bread, cheese, charcuterie, oils, paella, curry, soup, fresh pasta, mini panini… Yep, I’m hungry again.

5. Big Day Out: On Tuesday, we dressed up and went to a show at St. Martin’s Theatre and dinner at The Savoy Grill. The show we saw was The Mousetrap, a play by Agatha Christie (who I love). There’s a twist ending and after the show they ask you not to reveal to anyone who the murderer is. So I won’t tell no matter how many times you ask. But it was everything you could want if you love Agatha Christie novels and/or the 1985 movie Clue.

BONUS *ding ding ding* Stonehenge: Stonehenge isn’t in London, but it’s only two hours outside the city. And it’s incredible. And ancient. Maybe I read too much historical fiction as a kid, but I love to imagine what it must have been like to live in that era, in that place, and know exactly what Stonehenge was for. Also, at the same time as the Neolithics were dragging enormous rocks for miles to build a monument (I think it’s a temple of some kind), the Egyptians were building the Pyramids. History is insane.

In sum, this post is actually an advertisement to come visit Jonathan and me. We make excellent risotto and know where are the cool places are. 🙂


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