Christmas in Jumpers

I thought today was Wednesday. It’s not. It’s Thursday! Christmas Eve!

We’ve been housesitting and petsitting at a house in the English countryside for a week, and the days have all blurred together into dog walks, cat naps, and lazy evenings by the fire (and also lots of studying and rereading my textbooks but let’s not get into that).

But it’s Christmas Eve! Which for me means Christmas cookies and Italian food. This afternoon I’m making chocolate chip cookies, butterscotch cookies, and snickerdoodles. And I’m going to attempt cinnamon rolls because that’s what we always have on Christmas morning and they don’t sell them in the grocery store here. For the Italian, I’m making lasagna. It won’t be the wedding soup and handmade manicottis my family usually has, but it’ll be… in the same regional family. Ish.

It seems like we’ve been celebrating Christmas since October, well, because we have. Christmas is a way of life for the Brits. All the food  and drinks (mince pies, mulled wine), commercials (google “John Lewis Christmas commercial”), movies (their love-hate relationship with Love Actually), decorations (the window displays, the lights on every street). What’s going to happen after New Years? The rest of the cold, blustery British winter sans joy and anticipation. I’m not looking forward to it.

But we have a few days left of holiday cheer – Christmas hasn’t even happened yet! So tomorrow we’ll make our turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and sprouts. Side note: It’s a law that you have to have sprouts with Christmas dinner. Peter Capaldi told me so. And speaking of Peter Capaldi, we’ll watch all the Christmas BBC specials: the new Doctor Who and the final, final, final Downton Abbey. (Sorry American friends, I’ve already seen the whole last season. Well, not really sorry. It’s actually the reason I moved here.)

And we’ll be as British as we can. A bit melancholy but balancing it out with a bright Christmas jumper and a bottle of bubbly.

Happy Christmas. 🙂


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