I Used Only the Good Notes

We’ve been living in the country for two weeks now, and I’m just starting to miss the hubbub of London. Growing up I never pegged myself as a city girl, but it turns out I like to disappear into crowds on busy streets and eavesdrop excessively on public transportation. (Or maybe it’s something else? The glitz and glamour of a bustling international metropolis? Nah.)

Since it’s the end of the year, I’m going to do the obvious thing and make a list of resolutions. They won’t be boring! They might be boring. 2015 was a really challenging year. I say this simply because I think I’ve spent the last year talking about just how challenging it was. This next year, I don’t want to feel as low as my journal entries suggest. I think I’ll just move on.

Two years ago I wrote, “I have this great new thought that we’ll move to London. Then we’ll come back and I’ll be reinvigorated and less cynical and crass. It’s a big dream. But maybe it’s not impossible.” Last year I wrote, “But until we pack up our belongings and quit our jobs and get on a plane, I’ll only believe it’s a dream. It stills feels it could slip through my fingers, a too-big dream I couldn’t hold on to.” But this year, the dream comes true.


1. Graduate with a Masters with distinction. Let’s call this my “reach” resolution, like when you’re in high school and you apply to a college that’s not quite in your wheelhouse.

2. Run a new marathon PR. I actually believe I can accomplish this one. Also, as a subset, I’d like to learn a new cross-training skill. I want to take up boxing. Or some kind of cardio similar to that. NOT CROSS FIT. (No hard feelings.)

3. Get a job that means something to me (and maybe pays better than my last job). What will it be? Who knows! Not me!

4. Write more. Write more journal entries. Write more letters.

5. And the [abstract] one I set every year and never seem to get right, practice being present. My eternal aspiration.

Now, if I don’t hit these aims, I’ll have to come back and edit this post so that no one ever knows. KIDDING. I’ll have to blog about it at the end of next year. And write a journal entry about it. And write everyone I know a letter about it. (See what I did there?)

Auld lang syne.


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