It seems like I can never find the time to write as much as I’d like – to journal, write letters, attempt to write on this blog. Blah, blah, blah. I thought I’d manage to think of interesting things to blog about but I’m not quite sure if anyone’s interested in hearing about narrative discourse and conversation analysis and ethnography. (YOU ARE?!)

And these days, when I sit down to write, it doesn’t feel like I’m describing an unknown world, full of strange and exciting landmarks and history. I just live here, and mostly I go to class and do research and spend hours transcribing conversations to analyze. Jonathan and I travel and our friends and family visit us, but in those moments I never think, “oh I should write this stuff down so I can rewrite it again later.” Is that what good bloggers do? Is that what good writers do? I used to keep a Moleskine notebook in my purse at all times, but now I just have my Oyster card.

Maybe I’m figuring out that one New Year’s resolution that I always break: to be fully present. In order to be present, I can’t always take photos and videos and write notes on my phone to read later. I can’t promise to journal every night because some nights I’ll be at Westow House until it closes or on a ferry back from Belgium.

I want to have all these memories after I leave this place, but some of them are just going to be memories in my mind and not in my phone.

So maybe I will start blogging about narrative discourse. Who knows the four elements to all storytelling?

One thought on “Methodology

  1. Madre says:

    BE present. LIVE the moments !
    And one day I’ll say….remember that time we went to Scotland and all the memories will come alive again!
    To more adventures …. Oh an please do tell me more about narrative discourse…..💗
    410 to Yuma!

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