No Desk

It is 3:46 PM and I’m making a caramel apple galette. I’m sooo fancy. No. I’m sooo unemployed.

I submitted my Masters thesis 21 days ago and have been SCOURING the internet for job opps. That is, when I’m not taking a break to make pastry. The problem is that I don’t really know what I’m looking for. My Masters degree is in sociocultural linguistics *pauses to give everyone time to Google it* and my Bachelors degree is in Spanish *pauses to let everyone laugh at my wasteful, idealistic liberal arts fantasies* and my experience is in non-profit administration *pauses to – oh wait, that one’s reasonable*.

I did my Masters degree in London, where apparently having a resume that sounds like mine is a good thing. I was prepared to move back to the US and have some trouble applying my new degree, but I didn’t expect to never hear back from any job I applied to. In the last two months, I’ve applied to 18 jobs. Is that a lot? Is it too little? No one is quite sure.

At the beginning of September, when I handed in my thesis, I told myself I had a month to find something I’m really interested in. If I didn’t find something by the end of the month, I’d just find something.*

But it’s almost the end of September! (!!!) And I don’t think I’m any closer to finding a job with any relevance to my new degree. Ah.

So as I was running the other morning I decided I should do something potentially productive with my currently unstructured time. Obviously the something potentially productive is writing a blog! (Also, I might try to learn Italian?) I’ll explore what I’m doing to keep myself sane while spending a lot of time in my parents’ basement. That includes forcing myself to be vulnerable by posting a blog with my actual thoughts and feelings. (Ew.) It definitely does not include having extended conversations with my cats.

What’s next?

(Next post: 47 Things You May Consider When You Have Too Much Time on Your Hands)

*A note: I want to make it clear that I am very privileged to 1. be able to spend time blogging while unemployed rather than continuously looking for jobs, 2. have a place to live while I look for a job and save money, 3. have a partner who does have a job with a steady income, and 4. have the luxury to find humor in my unemployment. This blog is solely meant for entertainment and may only be relevant to other middle class (and/or: white, female, straight, cisgender) millennials who also live in their parents’ basement.

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