If You Give Jonathan a Grocery List

One way to crush the Monday blues is to send your husband to the grocery store on Sunday. He’ll buy what’s on the list and also apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Famous last words: “It was on sale.”


Soil and Sky

Some days feel routine and predictable – and that’s quite alright a lot of the time – but other days get so packed full of unusualness and newness that I have to post two photos. 😉

One from my long-time happy place, the garden cafe with the good coffee and the woodland-scented soap and the mountains of candles:

And one from the Nike test run that found us at the top of Liberty Place after close, with a grid-lined nighttime view of the city:

These days the world feels heavy and messy and hurtful, and it’s okay to step back and breathe into something that gives you life.

Head in the Clouds

There’s nothing like a new pair of running shoes to make me the opposite of cynical. Or at least something close to it.

See you in the mañana, new shoes. (I can’t promise I won’t post another photo of them tomorrow. There are no rules to this blog! It’s pure chaos! #nolaces)

Know Your Onions

In a new favorite birthday extension, Jonathan and I went to the Franklin Institute for Science After Hours, in which they do sciencey things… after closing hours. It was Prohibition themed so obviously we dressed up, because even though I’m one year closer to 30 I’m still not too old to go to costume parties. Also, it once again proved that those elbow-length black gloves I bought for senior prom are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

(Above) Hanging out with the ladies.

First 100 Days

28! 28! 28! One year closer to 30!

In an effort to quell the cynicism of my old age, I’m going to post a photo and a couple sentences for the first 100 days of being 28. It’s like the much-reported first 100 days of a presidency, except I think I’ll get more done. (Bah-dum-tuss.)

So 28, day 1. Mostly just margaritas.

Extra thanks to my parents (who were taking this photo) for the enchiladas, margs, and new runners’ cookbook I’ll be reading religiously for the next week.