Cake and Cats

No, it’s not a cat cafe. It’s just normal life.



Whipped Cream > Buttercream

If I could make a career out of baking, I think I would do it. The bakery would have to have a punny name (and every baked good would too, obviously).

This idea currently ranks third in my list of food related careers, after the all potato food truck (Smashed, serving everything from jacket potatoes to German potato pancakes) and the banana bread food truck (This Shht is Bananas #thanksGwen)

Dream big. Or just dream of food trucks.

The Stadion

I haven’t done track workouts since college, unless you count the mornings I raced over to that private school’s track near my apartment in East Falls, dodging sprinklers and those maintenance guys who really just rode around in golf carts. Was I allowed on that track? The gates were open, but I’ve always wondered. Anyway, I really only did intervals there every so often and usually I didn’t even track them (get it?).

So getting back into track workouts has been equal parts fantastic and miserable. I love running fast (read as: attempting to run fast) for 400s or 200s, but also I hate running around in circles. Who decided tracks should be ovals? Seriously though, who?

Brb googling the history of tracks.

Always Just a Little Faster

Some days I forget to take a photo during the actual activity of the day, which maybe means I was extremely focused on what I was doing that day. I’ll go with that. So today, instead of a lovely photo of the 5k I ran this morning (in 60 degree weather in February), I just have my bib and the shorts I wore (in 60 degree weather in February). Did I mention it was unseasonably warm for wintertime? 😉