Seven Card Stud

At 28, I learned poker for the first time. (I still think the past tense of learned should be learnt.) I didn’t win. Any hand. But I ate a lot of cookies, which is a different type of win.


220, 221, Whatever It Takes

When your day off surprisingly becomes your day to build stuff. (The correct response here is to Snapchat the whole thing.) Pictures of constructed ottoman and wall cabinet to come.


I drive past these guys every day – twice every day – but today was the first time I was stuck in so much traffic that I could really watch them. If you squint you can pretend you’re cruising along the English countryside. (Here’s looking at you, Bury.)

My question is, why are there sheep on 322?

We Grow, Grow, Older Still

I call this: Jonathan Works on Our Taxes And Hates When I Take His Photo. You’re right, the title needs work. The classic Jonathan face does not. 

Not pictured: 16 miles all over my favorite stomping ground, French toast well earned, dinner and drinks and Quizzo with one of my favorite people. Some Sundays are worth their weight in gold.

Finding Ellen

When I left work today, the Ellen Show had closed Walnut from 17th on for approximately forever. So obviously I tried to get on television. But they weren’t going live for three hours. Instead I scoped out all the good costumes and went home to eat lunch. I love lunch.