Cat Naps

Marathon training means Sunday long runs means Saturday early nights.

Cupcakes to the person who can guess what year that air conditioner is from. 😂


This guy. Gets double the chips and pico because he knows. Walks with me to CVS when I forget to run an errand on my way home from work. Snags me free sunscreen to test. Sends me all the articles so we can talk about Ed Balls Day and that weird Fyre Festival.

But still won’t pose for my Snapchats.

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

How did we get the hard-sounding spring when Spanish has the lovely, vowel-y primavera? Primavera comes from the Latin words meaning earliest blooming (primus + ver, which literally means spring but is referring to the actual blooming of flowers). Spring comes from the Germanic word springen, which means the same. It was first used to refer to the season in 1547, as the flowers were “springing” (or whatever the German translation) from the ground.

You guys, aren’t words fun?

Mim’s Memes or Memes of Mim

When your brother makes memes of all the cat photos you send him. (Memes is the correct word, right? I am too old for this. Also, where does that word come from?*)

*Meme comes from the Greek word mimema, “that which is imitated.” It was coined by Richard Dawkins (seriously?) in The Selfish Gene (SERIOUSLY?) to explain how cultural information is spread.

You can find an answer to everything on the internet.

Mint, Rosemary, Basil

Every night we tuck these little guys in between the window and the room darkening curtains. I like to think it’s helpful, giving them some alone time with the sun at dawn. Lean in, lean in.

On this week’s agenda, which is growing increasingly full, is a stop at Greensgrow to check out some soil and plants. The question is, just how many tomato plants can I fit on the deck?

Nostalgia & Caffeine

Remember that time we met for coffee met for tacos met for margaritas met for dinner in a secret location wearing all white hosted a conference built a greenhouse wrapped Christmas presents wrapped Thanksgiving turkeys (much more difficult) snuck out for Starbucks at Target met for Crispy’s pizza avoided parking tickets read  conspiracy articles discussed Beyonce discussed Justin Timberlake snuck margaritas into that JT movie drove to DC rallied in DC rallied in Philly camped in the most miserable place made tshirts shopped for all the school supplies wore all the costumes and also that time we ziplined?
Memories hit me in a wave and I am grateful, grateful for the saturation.

📷: the one in the middle

And For Tonight’s Act

Roasted chickpeas with lemon, capers, and feta, scooped up with rosemary bread. Not pictured: strawberries with fresh whipped cream and chocolate chips for dessert.

(Because even on my days off I feel the need to be productive and that’s usually accomplished with a new recipe for dinner.)