Earth Day

Hey Earth, I’m really into you. In all your different shades. Particularly all these Hawaiian shades, from sea level to 9,000 feet up.


Nostalgia & Caffeine

Remember that time we met for coffee met for tacos met for margaritas met for dinner in a secret location wearing all white hosted a conference built a greenhouse wrapped Christmas presents wrapped Thanksgiving turkeys (much more difficult) snuck out for Starbucks at Target met for Crispy’s pizza avoided parking tickets read  conspiracy articles discussed Beyonce discussed Justin Timberlake snuck margaritas into that JT movie drove to DC rallied in DC rallied in Philly camped in the most miserable place made tshirts shopped for all the school supplies wore all the costumes and also that time we ziplined?
Memories hit me in a wave and I am grateful, grateful for the saturation.

📷: the one in the middle

And For Tonight’s Act

Roasted chickpeas with lemon, capers, and feta, scooped up with rosemary bread. Not pictured: strawberries with fresh whipped cream and chocolate chips for dessert.

(Because even on my days off I feel the need to be productive and that’s usually accomplished with a new recipe for dinner.)

Oops I Did It Again

🎵 I played with your heart, forgot to post 🎵


You’d think I’d really having it down by now, posting a photo every day. But I really don’t have any photos from yesterday, and all my Snapchats are long gone. Did I text photos of the cats to Jonathan? Okay, maybe.

Instead, for yesterday I’ll post a photo of this time last year, when we lived in London. It’s a replica of the Arch of Triumph that was destroyed in Palmyra last year, standing in front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square (which happens to be one of my favorite places in Londres).

Also of note: those clear blue skies.

Origin Story

Jonathan spoke on a career panel at our undergrad alma mater and since we didn’t want to drive back into the city during rush hour, we stopped for chips and salsa at – where else? – Chili’s, just like we did in college. (Full discourse: not the actual Chili’s we went to in college because that one burned down. RIP. But then it got rebuilt into this fancy one. What a rollercoaster of a story.)

Serendipitously, when we walked into Chili’s it was $2 TACO TUESDAY. The gods have spoken. Chips and salsa and tacos and margaritas like we’re royalty. Is that BUTTERMILK RANCH.

Thank you career panel, thank you traffic on every major road, thank you Chili’s.


Easter Sunday began with a 20 mile run, middled (should definitely be a word) with burritos and cold brew coffee and cake decorating, and ended with dinner and dessert with my family.

Grateful for running partners, sunny days, delicious food, and the people in the photo below. I’d take it all and do it again next weekend.

One for Yesterday

I didn’t forget to take a photo yesterday! But I did forget to take one today. (For the first time in these last 76 days!) Anyway.

Thursdays are for tacos and nostalgia. And fortune telling (or photographing, whichever).